Rox4Chocs - Personalised Chocolate
I am showing the different products available.  These are subject to change.
  1. Plain Chocolate Mint Squares: Approx size: 35mm x 35mm/(1.5" x 1.5") - Gold foil
  2. Milk Chocolate Squares: Approx size: 35mm x 35mm (1.5" x 1.5") - available in both silver and gold foil
  3. Swizzell Matlow Mini Love Hearts: Approx 7 sweets
  4. Galaxy  Bar - 114gr - subject to change
  5. Dairy Milk - 100 gr - subject to change

If you require ingredient information or have any questions please let me know I am happy to oblige.  This information is shown on each chocolate bar wrapper either on or included with package together with the best before date.

Please note that you are paying for my time and effort in designing wrappers for you. Some items are not licenced products, all the images used are free and therefore I DO NOT SELL or claim to have ownership over any of the character graphics or clipart used. They belong to their respective copyright holders.

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